Intraoral scanning of completely or partially edentulous arches

Capturing the anatomy of the alveolar-dental arches in 3D could be a challenge!

The control of key factors for the scanning process is extremely important in partially edentulous patients or, even more, in completely edentulous cases.​

Easy- Fast - Accurate - Predictable - 3D - Design ready - Overextended - Model-free

Clinical setup

The position of the patient, the lighting conditions, the nurse collaboration, the setup of the equipment, the arrangement of the equipment and of the operators around the patient require attention and awareness.

Controlling all of this is easy and necessary for predictable results, especially in cases with complex anatomical conditions or poor compliance. 
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Scanning technology

The scanning equipment and its reconstruction software are key factors. There is a great variety of intraoral scanning systems, with different features and different performances.

Reliable equipment with documented efficacy should be carefully selected for the feasibility and accuracy of soft tissue scanning. 
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Soft tissue management

 Conditions must be created for the scanning equipment to express its full potential. Mobile, unstable tissues and poor patient cooperation do not help.

Our retractor system: LO RUSSO RETRACTORS has been specially developed to allow effective tissue management of tissues surrounding the alveolar-dental arches. Find out more about


Scanning strategy

The scanning strategy is nothing more than a set of paths in a specific sequence that the operator follows with the scanner tip in order to capture the region of interest.

As trivial as it may seem, not all the ways in which you decide to move the scanner have the same result in terms of feasibility and accuracy of the scan. Validated scanning strategies should be selected

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